Overheard at Trixie Camp 2005

Are we there yet?


Kaye, upon driving through the Township of Diana, NY:  We are now entering Diana.

Robin:  You might want to rephrase that…


Katrina:  Robin is the girl who cried “Moose!”



Katrina:  First she lost a bar fight, then she was attacked by a Vermont trucker.


Mark:  Speaking of rubbers…

Cathy:  Did you ever think you’d hear Mark say that?




Jenn: I pimped Cathy.

Katrina:  But she hasn’t seen my lovely breasts.



Mark:  I was so surprised when she killed Jim…

Katrina:  You’ve completely ruined my special Yankee thing!




Cathy:  I just knew Jupiter was going to die…

Katrina:  She killed Jupiter, too?!?!  I’m going into heart failure!


Are we there yet?  

Katrina:  But have you slept with Susan?

Mark:  Just to be clear… NO I have not slept with Susan.  But I want to sleep with Jenn & Mary… WAIT!  That’s not what I meant!



Katrina:  Mark, you tart!



You can’t always get what you want.

Mark:  You liked it when it was happening to me!


Cathy:  Jenn’s cleavage is quite distracting.


Are we there yet?  

Jenn:  Sleeping with me is a nightmare.  Cathy is my nightmare.  Can you sleep with Cathy?



Cathy:  Kaye, just because Jenn does it is not validation!  Oh, wait!  I’ve got another anal thing… 




Cathy:  I have no idea how they got into the room.


Katrina:  When you wake up in bed with a strange woman you hardly know…

Steph:  Mark knows more about this than the rest of us.



Are we there yet?  

Katrina’s hematoma from Starbucks… the inspiration for the new Ben & Jerry’s flavor:  American Bruise.  Blackberry and raspberry swirls with chunks of raspberries.



The appetizer is the side entrée… or is it the main entrance?  The back door?


Brian and Dan become more than friends, then play doctor and chop a lot of wood.



Are we there yet?


Lori:  Here’s the Mead’s Mountain quiz.  The answer key is locked in Kaye’s desk in Niagara Falls .



Ed the tour guide:  See that guy chopping wood over there?

Entire bus:  DAN!!!!



The Sole Diplomatic Representative of the ENTIRE Non-United States is a crazy loon.



You can’t always get what you want.  


Cathy:  I stopped after Jim had the baby.


Anne:  Princess Supple Bling Bling is afraid of the evil furby cow.



Are we there yet?


But donuts need SUGAR.


Don’t forget the rubbers…

… I’ll never forget the rubbers.


Cathy prefers chocolate sauce on the human body.



What’s this about Mark’s towels?


Ship staff on the Spirit of the Ethan Allen to Tonja:

Um, excuse me, ma'am. Are you SUPPOSED to be here? We've had some complaints…


Remember the yellow ponchos.


Are we there yet?


Mark:  As I’ve said, who needs enemies with friends like you?


Katrina:  So far, we’ve discussed neuroses, death, and sports… can it get worse?

Mark:  How do you feel about taxes?

(discussion of taxes ensues)

Mark:  I was only kidding!  


You can’t always get what you want.  

Jodi, to high school seniors on the deck below:

Thanks for the memories, Class of 2005!












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