Trixie Camp 2010

August 5 - 8

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Iowa in Ohio

Proposal presented by Marsha Weidelich (Maleigh)

Trixie Tie-In:  Happy Valley Mystery



Join us for a real down-home Trixie Camp!  We will recreate the Happy Valley Mystery on my family’s farm near Circleville, Ohio.  (Hey…most people get Iowa and Ohio confused anyway, so why not substitute?)


Arrival Evening:

Trixie Camp will begin with a great farm meal fixed by Marsha's in-laws and parents.  They will recreate some of the great foods Mrs. Gorman fixed in the book… including banana cream pie and strawberry shortcake!  Before and after the homemade farm feast, you will have the opportunity to explore our farm, drive the “Gators,” ride the tractors and combine, or take a hayride!  We have woods, orchards and lots of fields to explore!  We may also have a bonfire with that favorite Trixie Camp treat, S’mores!  We might even rustle up a mystery for you to solve.  Anyone seen my lost sheep?



Possible Activities: 

Ice Skating or Shopping –For those of you who want to reenact the famous skating rink scene, we can visit “The Chiller at Easton,” a two-rink skating facility in Columbus.  I can’t guarantee that “Dot” will show up, but we can pretend to be Trixie and Honey!  Those who would rather be like Di, may spend some time exploring “Easton Town Center,” an outdoor shopping, dining and entertainment area nearby.


Ohio State Fair—Do you want to see pigs, horses, cows, chickens, sheep and many other animals?  You’ve come to the right place!  Trixie Campers can enjoy watching the 4-H members, just like the Hubbell twins and Ned Schultz, exhibit their livestock projects.  Campers may also view the famous Butter Cow sculpture, ride the rides on the midway, eat their way down the “Food Highway” like Mart, explore the Natural Resources park and find real Bob-whites, and check out the commercial exhibits to find products that make Moms life easier!   


Canoe, Kayak or Raft on the Hocking River—Trixie Campers can feel like Jim, Trixie and Honey as they float down the Raccoon, errrr, Hocking River!  Be on the lookout for lost puppies as we float through the scenic Hocking Hills.  Campers can choose from kayaks (1 person), canoes (2-3 people) or rafts (4-6 people).    


Go ‘splorin’ like Bobby in the Hocking Hills — Campers can feel like the BWGs as they explore the Hocking Hills State Park.  Is there a mystery in Old Man’s Cave?  Who wants to swim in the Devil’s Bathtub? 



Enjoy the Outdoor Drama, Tecumseh!—On the flight to Iowa, Jim tells Brian that the girls had researched their destination in some old books, saying, “Those geographies were so old that the girls began to gather up beads and trinkets to use to trade with the Indians they thought they’d find near the farm.”  Well, gather up your beads and trinkets because we will take a back-stage tour before the show, learning how to apply stage make-up to make us all look like members of the Shawnee tribe!  We will also see demonstrations of the stunts and weapons.  This outdoor drama tells the story of Tecumseh, the Shawnee chief who dreamed of uniting all Native Americans to fight the white-man.  In addition to the human actors, live horses, real canons and muskets make the show come alive!  We will be able to “meet and greet” the actors after the show. 






Official Trixie Camp lodging will be near Circleville, Ohio which is approximately 20 miles south of Columbus, Ohio.  We may stay at a chain hotel or in cabins near the Hocking Hills, depending on the number of Campers.


Nearest Airport:  Port Columbus International Airport (CMH)

Questions:  email Marsha (Maleigh) at


Estimated Cost:

Package Cost:  $400  (rough estimate based on double occupancy, includes admissions, all meals, lodging and Camp t-shirt)

Airfare: sample costs from

Baltimore $218
St. Louis $219
Dallas $228
Los Angeles $303