Trixie Camp 2009


  When I sent out the request for Camp proposals, I was hoping for lots of people to get excited and jump right in.  At the least, I was hoping someone would review some oldies but goodies, like Iowa or Minnesota.  And, as one of the group encouraging the concept of having the 10th Trixie Camp at the site of the first, I hoped someone would put together a Sleepyside package.

As it turned out, only one package was submitted.  At first, I thought the most fair thing to the community would be to throw together another package just so that there could be a vote.  After a couple of weeks without time or inspiration, I had second thoughts.  The last few years our rule has been that if you propose it, be prepared to help coordinate it, and I wasn't prepared to go there.  Besides, the ladies that had actually submitted a proposal worked really hard on it.  They were excited and ready.

In the meantime, however, one of the ladies had had a family crisis.  I was hesitant about announcing to the community without making sure she was still able to handle the project.  So there was another slight delay while we sent messages back and forth, and she discussed the situation with her family and co-coordinator.  After another few email flurries, we are finally ready to announce...



Trixie Camp 2009

Lancaster, PA

With a Trixie Twist

July 30 - August 2, 2009


  The fabulous Pat K and franollie (Jill to the rest of the world) have put together a terrific adventure for us.  If you click on the link above, you'll find the details.  Registration will be open from February 8th until March 15th.  Click the link below to register. 


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