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Therefore Must Be Lov'd

Titus Andronicus, Act II, Scene I, Line 84


A departure from the norm.  This universe is dedicated to the Bard himself, William Shakespeare, from whose great works all the titles herein are taken.  Be fair-warned: there is little traditional about this dark world.




The Ratings




There Greet In Silence

October, 1997





And Rouse the Prince 

October, 1998






Let it Be Your Glory to See Her Tears

December, 1998





But Dawning Day New Comfort Hath Inspir'd

January, 1999





Now Let Me Show A Brother's Love to Thee

December, 1998





Be Not Obdurate, Open Thy Deaf Ears

February, 1999






Friends Should Associate Friends in Grief and Woe

February, 1999





I Have Reconcil'd Your Friends and You

February, 1999





The Forest Walks are Wide and Spacious

March, 1999



Till Time Beget Some Careful Remedy

April. 1999



What Reproachful Words Are These?

April, 1999



And I have found the path

April, 1999



Away with slavish weeds

April, 1999






What Would You Say, If I Should Let You Speak?

April, 1999






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